it is easy to be wise after the event

it is easy to be wise after the event
Cf. c 1490 P. DE COMMYNES Mémoires (1924) I. I. xvi. Les deux ducz..estoient saiges après le coup (comme l’on dit des Bretons); 1596 T. DANNETT tr. Commynes’ Mémoires I. xvi. These two Dukes were wise after the hurt received (as the common prouerbe saith) of the Brittons.

1616 JONSON Epicœne II. iv. Away, thou strange iustifier of thy selfe, to bee wiser then thou wert, by the euent.

1717 R. WODROW Letter 28 Sept. (1843) II. 319 Had we not verified the proverb of being wise behind the time, we might for ever [have] been rid of them.

1900 A. CONAN DOYLE Great Boer War xix. It is easy to be wise after the event, but it does certainly appear that..the action at Paardeberg was as unnecessary as it was expensive.

1977 J. PORTER Who the Heck is Sylvia? ii. ‘It’s easy enough to be wise after the event,’ Babette pointed out sullenly.

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